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18th September 2015 PAF France
Response to 30 min dance, tape, net, music.

ice age melts into the net of forests and ecosystems, together correlating their information to one another. heat builds. a dinosaur is awoken. baggage left behind, only to reveal something more sinister.

a relentless surge.
pointless repetition
a mirage of logic and cognitive awareness, in time reveals its purpose
a body in riot
over epochs
over millennia
phenomena affecting on and affecting other

relational positions, a topographic understanding and abortion of gravity
attention directed towards the vaginal
an ice age of miscalculated understanding
an ice age of ignorance
this melting of conventions
underneath is warm fluid and opening, an entry point
whilst wearing a fur coat and eating a spoon full of cream
an iced vovo to your tea
seducing we with sugar and empty bars
buried under protein and whey
coconut hills and almond milk lakes
outside, an animal is desperately seeking to be back in fashion.

17 september 2015 PAF, france
Response to 30 min dance/installation/sound

Consistent vibrational echoing from the environment, facilitates a topographic mechanism which can be studied and interpreted. Along with the sonic waves pulsating through space at all times, electromagnetic packets also transverse the landscape. In addition to these invisible, yet present, forces, kinetic energy, heat, gravity are all interacting to form complex systems of chaotic mechanics. Energy is continuously, economically, exchanging between forces. Eternally deforming and reforming, these forces coerce change through their existence. Uncompromising and relentless. It is then possible to consciously involve ourselves in this echo, for we are already part of it. Is it possible though to contribute and enable these forces to compel the body into patterns of unfound, unheard, unseen?
When a body of rock is placed under stress, the individual particles which make up that body are displaced to new positions, new trajectories, new maps are made. a vibrational document, a comprehension of this reality.

16 September 2015 PAF, france
Response to 30min dance

pounding earth hard
milking the consequences
lactating economies and industry
sedimentary fertility
rich in fluid and minerals
dark liquid oozes
red dust wets
systems of phenomena, bold and manipulative
impressions excavated
remains exercised, activated
a familiar extinction
of bonds and electromagnetic connection