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"I am about to perform a dance for you which is inspired by my first memories of dancing. I have titled it ‘Dedication to Magic and Silliness’. I have been inspired to revisit my early memories of dance and consider what it is about dancing which truly drives me forward.

I think the thing that I love the most about dancing, is the magic of the dance the happens right there, in that moment, and then disappears almost immediately before my eyes. But does something stick in the space. Or linger in the air?

Can I conjour a story, or a memory, or provoke a feeling that even I as the dancer, wasn’t expecting?
Can I do a dance that has no story, no narrative, no particular rhythm or steps, And can it still spark something, either an energy or memory in you?

Sometimes the dance, tumbles out of me. Like it was perfectly meant to be for this moment, for this specific combination of people, for my life right, here right now.

I think back to the way I first danced, for my parents and sister when I was 5. Completely captivated, completely compelled to move my body in weird and surprising ways. There was so much magic to be found. There was so much silliness to be had. No judgements, no self-consciousness.

And then I think back to my initial training. I trained in ballet for almost 20 years. That language is in my body. I am no where close to being a ballerina. But what I love the most about ballet, was the magic, the spectacle. It was the clarity in the body. The completely engrossing experience of a character or a story. It was the magic and the belief that every single action was very very very very important.

But I also think back to my favourite times of dancing. Dancing in the kitchen with my cousins. Dancing in my bedroom with my friends. Dancing in the lounge room to ABBA and to Backstreet Boys. These are the silly dances! The dances that feel GOOD that feel free! That feel so insignificant that you are liberated from any sense of normality, expectation, or even vanity.

So.. I ask this question? Is it possible to have a dance that is a dedication to all that magic and to all that silliness all at once?

Where all the action is very very important and yet completely insignificant at the same time.

This dance is very real and it very not real.

The spectacle, the dedication, the vision, the imagination, the ritual, the ceremony, the prestigious moment!

But in the end, I am just a human being wiggling in front of other human begins and I am compelled to do it over and over again.

And you are compelled to watch. Swept up in the magic, trying to piece together the logic, or perhaps you’re like me, and find pleasure in how wonderful it is to witness something come and go so quickly, as it disappears in an instant yet somehow sticks in the air for a little while.

A joyous attempt! A celebration of movement and magic and dance.

And with that, I perform this Dedication to magic and silliness with two pieces of music. One from the first ballet I remember watching at 4 years old, The Muzurka from Coppelia. And second, the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy for the ballet The Nutcracker as it was the last official ballet that I performed in. So, the first, and the last performed, as me now."