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'POSITIVE Reinforcement'; Blak Dot Gallery; 2018.
Video 10mins 39secs, Floating Glass Bowl, Blueberries, Plush Blankets, Diffuser, Oils, Soundscape.

POSITIVE Reinforcement

As a response to the process of experience in the artist’s body, POSITIVE Reinforcement allows a space for the viewer to reflect on their own relationship to time, speed, productivity and value.

In a busy period of confused identity, resources, motivation, purpose and confidence, the use of unrefined and undetermined ideas can offer a logical respite to the stress.

The reiteration of self affirmation, whether grounded or disjointed can imbue a naive sheath of safety, which, in a subtle way, propels the body through small moments of doubt toward a clearer understanding of self.

The blueberries act as a gesture of worthiness. You eat and you’re now part of a system. A sharing of wealth yet simultaneously a more complex economic narrative has begun. For the question, ‘for how much longer can these be replenished?’ arises. ‘How many of these do I take?’

Somewhere between the combination of meditation, luxuries, safety and nature emerges the question of how we engage with desolate and changing landscapes. The blankets offer a moment of soft childlike innocence. Made of synthetic fibres that pollute the environment. Why does safety feel so good yet do so much damage?

Furthermore, is the artist’s engagement with informal creative process even worth renumeration? By naming the work, POSITIVE Reinforcement, perhaps the artist is questioning her own validity in her process. Yet still the actions and experiences of the last 12 month sink back into the sensoral membrane of her body. Now she responds with an optimistic yet rudimentary selection of materials. But what do these materials evoke? Missed opportunities, reused ideas and consumption. Safety, listening and sweetness. Perhaps these things actually can all go together.

Presented at Blak Dot Gallery as part of 'A sinking feeling (the politics of risk)'.

Curated by Bella Hone-Saunders

Participating artists include Aida Azin, Arini Byng, Dean Cross, Luke O’Donnell, Madeleine Mills, Moorina Bonini, Niharika Senapati.

Opening night: Thursday 11th October, 6pm